2nd Virtual Performance Kidstage

2nd Virtual Performance Kidstage

Kidstage Littles Present: Symbiotic Relationship

What do you do when your teacher vanishes off of the class video call? Watch as a group of students try everything they can think of to find their lost teacher – from using a phone book (yikes!) to hacking into her laptop – and learn what it means to work together, despite their differences.

Kidstage Bigs Present: The Monologue Show

After three months of rehearsing their monologue show, Mrs. Banks’ drama class must switch to performing online – but these students are such a mess, the internet stage is the least of their problems. From the couple staging their real-life breakup, to the garden gnome thieves confessing their crimes, everything that can go wrong will in this collection of hilarious tall tales!


Tickets will go on sale on Monday, July 2oth. Performances will streamed on Friday, July 24th, and Saturday, July 25th at 6:00pm.

Tickets are $10 each.


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