Free Hands-only CPR Training!

Free Hands-only CPR Training!

Do you know what to do if a loved one stops breathing?

National Two Step CPR is holding a FREE EVENT to instruct people of all ages the proper compressions-only (hands-only) CPR technique. With the direction of Unity Health resident physicians, ARCOM medical students, Harding pharmacy students, and Healthworks nurses on-site, you will easily learn the #TwoStepCPR and be able to use it in emergency situations until help arrives.

Please note this is NOT a CPR certification course. To learn more about being CPR certified, please visit

Join us Saturday, February 8th at the Walmart Supercenter. It might be the life of someone you love.

The National Two Step CPR is an annual event aimed at engaging the public and educating them on the benefits of bystander CPR. Unity Health and ARCOM will lead this event in order to raise public awareness and train as many people as possible to save lives.

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