Opening the Doors of History: The Black Wall Street Story

History is a great teacher, but we must attend class. When we allow the lessons of History to be shared broadly becoming part of our thinking process, our present reality and future possibilities become undergirded with truth. When we move forward guided by TRUTH, we leave clear paths and much needed light for the generations who follow.

This presentation is designed to take you on an historical journey to a time and place that were important to the social, cultural and economic evolution of the formerly enslaved of African descent. They were our kin whose footsteps still call us to action today. Through photographs and the spoken word, you will become enthralled by the fortitude and vision that drove our kin-those formerly enslaved and their off-springs who flexed their muscles of economic prowess.

Though their initial creativity met with unprecedented terror in 1921, their story survived and though purposely ignored and covered up, the TRUTH of their lives has found the light of discovery and we all marvel at the world they created for themselves when it seemed impossible to have done so…

Dr. Clifton Taulbert is the Story-Teller and will connect all the dots that were essential to the building of what is now known as Tulsa’s Black Wall street.

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