Well Done Run

The Well Done Run will be held virtually this year. From November 1st-8th, you can run (or walk) the virtual Well Done Run absolutely anywhere to raise funds for clean water wells overseas! There are 1-mile, 5k, and 10k options available for you and the whole family!
Click the link below to get involved:
The Well Done Run is a unique running event in Searcy, AR. Think of it as a 5K with baggage. Runner/Walkers will be given a 1-gallon jug at the beginning of the race. At the halfway mark, the participants will fill their water jug in a creek and carry it for the last half of the race. You can’t start without a jug and you’re not officially finished without one either.
This is to shed light on the sad truth that millions of people around the world live without access to clean water. We can’t help them all, but we can build one well at a time

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