Courtesy of The Bison

After wrapping up their final season, four Harding football players pushed to continue their athletic career and pursue the next level. Senior defensive lineman Mike Gant, senior defensive back V’Onte Williams, senior defensive back Jacory Nichols and senior running back Brandon Brice are on the road to make the National Football League (NFL) to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

Gant said he could not ask for anything better than to have a shot at something he dreamed of since he was a kid.

“Putting my all into this is something I could not say no to,” Gant said. “I feel like I have some more left in the tank, so right now I am just training and getting ready.”

The players said they are gearing up for pro days and combines where they will showcase their talents, performing physical and mental tests in front of NFL managers and scouts. At this point, the players are all about getting noticed and displaying their talents wherever they can.

The players said as small school athletes it will be harder to be noticed, so they are doing all they can to get their names out there.

“As a player, you got to get in the right mode: eating the right stuff, training the right way, getting ready for 40s, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, and all that type of stuff,” Nichols said. “It takes a lot of time for that process, and then, if you perform well, an NFL team wants you and they will contact you.”

The NFL hopefuls said Harding has helped prepare them not only as players, but also as men. Nichols and Gant both said Harding has helped them connect with people, and they stressed how important that is for football, and for life.

“I think that will help me sell myself better and help me get to know people and connect,” Gant said. “Harding has really helped me become a man and be ready for those responsibilities that I got coming my way.”

Senior defensive lineman Jordan Allison said he is proud of his teammates whether or not they make it. He said he encouraged them to keep on pushing and to never stop believing in their vision.

“I’m very excited though, because I know how hard they have worked,” Allison said. “I have seen their work ethic. I have been able to see them grow as men as I played with them. It’s really sweet to see them decide to use their talents that God has given them to continue to try to make it to the next level and tell about how good he is.”