Courtesy: The Bison

SEARCY, AR – On Saturday, the community yard sale charity event is happening on the corner of Main Street and Moore Avenue. From 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., all Harding students and staff are encouraged to go and look through the goods donated by people from the Searcy community.

The event has been orchestrated by Kyle Thompson, assistant director for the office of community connections, along with seniors Cambria Tognaci, Makenna Gibbs and Clara Henderson. Local churches and other community members have united to host this event which will relieve the financial burden of legal fees and fines for selected Searcy residents.

Concern was raised after it was discovered that citizens were unable to pay fines, leading to price increases and even jail time. This garage sale donation fund is a chance for the families that come to start over. In White County alone, over $3 million is owed in fines. This event has the goal of reaching $35,000 from the cumulative funds. Families that benefit from the event will also be actively engaged in local churches by participating in meal times as a way to strengthen community bonds and build new relationships.

“Our goal is to help our neighbors obtain financial relief so they can better serve their families and the community around them,” Tognaci said.

Anonymous donation boxes have been placed all over campus in the hopes that students will give up unwanted clothes and household goods to help increase the amount of merchandise offered at the event. Volunteer work is also needed from Harding students looking to give back.

“I’ve volunteered for community sales like this back home, and they’re a really great way to give back,” senior Casey Whitener said. “Plus, it’s a great addition to a resume.”

By coming in to shop on Saturday, people can actively help people in need, as well as pick up a few new items that wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

“I’m definitely going to the yard sale because they will have nice clothes for cheap,” senior Josh Denton said.

In order to help with management of the event, simply reach out to a member of the team organizers, or sign up on the event website.