SEARCY, Ark. — Harding University announces a historic expansion in its undergraduate and graduate school offerings beginning Fall 2020. Fifteen new programs have been approved within the Colleges of Allied Health, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, and Sciences, along with the Graduate School of Business and the College of Education’s Department of Mental Health and Wellness. These new programs include dual/accelerated degrees, interdisciplinary and innovative bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and certificates. Many of these new programs are offered in a fully online format. The new programs include:

College of Allied Health

  • Certificate in American Sign Language

  • B.A. in Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)

  • B.A./M.S. in Communication Sciences & Disorders-Speech Language Pathology (dual) (3+2)

  • B.S./M.S. in Strength and Conditioning (dual) (3+2)

College of Arts and Humanities

  • B.A. in English and Business Communication

College of Business Administration

  • B.A. in Cybersecurity

Graduate School of Business

  • Certificate in Project Management (MSIS)

  • Certificate in Health Care Management (MBA)

  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship (MBA)

  • Certificate in Principled Leadership

College of Education Department of Mental Health and Wellness

  • Certificate in Counseling Skills

  • M.S. in Student Affairs

College of Sciences

  • B.S. in Community Engagement

  • B.S. in Event Management

  • M.S. in Kinesiology and Sport Administration

The College of Allied Health is adding to its educational offerings with the launch of two dual-degree programs for undergraduate students. One program will combine a B.A. in communication sciences and disorders with an M.S. in speech-language pathology. The second offering will combine a bachelor’s degree meeting required prerequisites with a new M.S. in strength and conditioning. These dual-degree programs allow students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s within five years instead of six, saving a year of tuition and allowing graduates to enter the workforce a year earlier with higher academic credentials. While the new dual-degree programs will be offered beginning Fall 2020, a standalone M.S. in strength and conditioning will begin in Fall 2021.

“Harding’s leadership continually assesses current academic programs and research the market for new, mission-fit programs that equip our students for lives of service in their chosen vocation,” said Dr. Marty Spears, Provost, Chief Academic Officer. “The new programs approved for next year include a number of certificate programs that provide specific skills or expertise, several new bachelor’s programs including interdisciplinary majors in areas like cybersecurity or a master’s in student affairs that integrate coursework from technology and business or social work and counseling. We continue to develop new accelerated programs to save students time and money.”

Course offerings have also been expanded enabling creation of many new bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in response to student demand, job market growth and increases in professional credentials and standards. These high-quality degree programs will help equip graduates with an exceptional education and Christ-centered worldview. New degrees include:

  • B.A. in English and business communication, a collaboration among English, business and communication departments

  • B.A. in cybersecurity, combines expertise from departments of information systems, computer science and criminal justice

  • B.S. in event management, combining coursework from business, family and consumer sciences, and communication

  • B.S. in community engagement

  • B.A. in Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, a first in the state of Arkansas, one of a few in the region

  • M.S. in Student Affairs, within the College of Education’s Department of Mental Health and Wellness

  • M.S. in Kinesiology and Sport Administration, a fully online program

Additionally, the University has approved six new certificates within the Graduate School of Business, the College of Allied Health, and the College of Education’s Department of Mental Health and Wellness. Business is expanding its selection with new 12-hour certificates in entrepreneurship, health care management, principled leadership and project management, which count toward an MBA or MSIS upon completion. The 12-hour certificate in American Sign Language is available to any student, undergraduate or graduate, and will teach basic ASL and an understanding of Deaf culture. The 18-hour counseling skills certificate is designed to equip those who work in ministry settings to help others with mental health concerns.

“Market trends indicate increased job growth in these segments as well as growth in demand for graduate education in these areas,” said Dr. Bruce McLarty, University President. “These new programs allow Harding to leverage existing strengths and grow into new areas as we expand graduate enrollment. As we all have been making our way through the COVID-19 crisis, Harding students and faculty have been working from home to practice responsible social distancing. However, using online ways of connecting, Harding University has been open and thriving throughout this ordeal. We have worked hard to come through this time better prepared and with better programs to offer than ever before. That is why we are so excited to announce these new offerings.”