Courtesy The Bison

Lucretia Huntsman has worked for Harding as a food service employee since 2015. She has worked in several different areas of campus, from Einstein Bros. Bagels, to working as a cashier downstairs in the student center, to her current and more well-known post at the Market at Mabee. During this time, Huntsman’s contagious kindness and positivity have made an impact on many students and the atmosphere around her.

Huntsman’s day begins at 4:45 a.m. so she can take some time for herself and for scripture before she starts her work day. She then departs for work at 6:30 a.m. to prepare for students.

Huntsman said her job is so special to her, and the students make it so much better. She said this job at Harding really fell into place for her, and it was and is “a true blessing.”

“I love my job because it is an opportunity to make someone feel special,” Huntsman said. “I want them to know someone sees them and cares about them.”

Senior Cassie Copeland said Huntsman has remembered her from her first encounter. Copeland said she even left to go abroad for a semester, and Huntsman made sure to let her know she was glad to see her back. Huntsman knows everyone and has the perfect personality and friendliness for the College of Business community, Copeland said.

“One story I vividly remember was when she told me she had a gift card for Greek House, and she later told me she didn’t use it because she gave it away to a student to take his significant other out for their anniversary,” Copeland said. “It’s things like show how thoughtful she is.”

Junior Kalie St. Clair joined the College of Business the second semester of her freshman year, and she found herself stopping in the Market at Mabee frequently in between classes with friends to get snacks and take a break. St. Clair said Huntsman started to take notice of their routine and was so good to ask them about their day and their classes and quickly learned their names.

“She has a special way with people,” St. Clair said. “She can find a way to connect with each and every person she meets and has a heart for them.

Although it was not the first time, Huntsman hosted a pizza party in the Market at Mabee on April 15 for any students passing by. St. Clair said Huntsman took the time to try and calculate the number of people she usually sees during her day to plan out how much pizza she needed to buy. Copeland and St. Clair both attended and said she had a good turnout and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time, especially Huntsman.

“She is so selfless and goes out of her way to make people feel noticed,” Copeland said. “Lucretia simply makes everyone’s day better.”