SEARCY, AR – A local Searcy couple have opened a new frozen yogurt shop in town they’re hoping will become a summer hangout for the community. Jeff and Dorothy Tinsely opened Chillz Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve on May 7th on the west side of Searcy.

The business was born from Jeff and Dorothy’s love of frozen yogurt on cruise ships.

They love the soft serve ice cream you can get at any time on the ship, but were disappointed when they returned home and their favorite treat was not as readily available.

“This is our version of that cruise treat,” Jeff said. “When you go eat ice cream, you go with friends and family and it becomes a social environment, it goes back to the old ice cream socials and that’s kind of what we have here.”

Jeff and Dorothy were adamant about being on the west side of Main Street and believed a soft serve store would do well there. So soon as a space became available, they jumped at the chance. So far, the response to having a frozen yogurt place on that side of town has been extremely positive. They already have regular customers coming by.

“I’ve thanked people for coming in, and they say ‘no, thank you’ for putting this in over here,” Jeff said.

The frozen yogurt and soft serve at Chillz does not disappoint. They have 12 fantastic options to choose from including eight traditional flavors as well as a four swirl options. For example you can pick Valencia Orange Sorbet or Vanilla, or you can choose the swirl option for Orange Cream!

The frozen yogurt is not the only reason to stop by. They also have waffle bowls, plenty of delicious toppings, and a soda machine you can use to create an ice cream float which makes for a nice treat on a hot summer day.

When you walk into Chillz, expect to be greeted by a friendly face and a family friendly atmosphere. The Tinsley’s want Chillz to be a place for families to want to come to after ball games and events, or just because. They also say it’s a great place for students to study with friends. They have a party room/overflow room available for rent for large groups and parties.

“If we have a group of people in here at 10:00, we’re not going to be like, it’s time to go,” Dorothy said. “if people are coming in then we’re open, that’s what we’re here for. We want to be a place where the kids in town can come and their parents know where they are and they’re fine.”

Chillz is located on West Beebe Capps between Sawmill Rd and Sherwood Rd in the same shopping center as Whistlestop BBQ and Palm Beach Tan. They are open Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 10:00 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 11:00 p.m.

They offer discounts for students, senior citizens, the fire and police departments, military, and anyone who wants to come in and take a picture with the Chillz bear. You can find promotions and updates on their Facebook page, Chillz Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve, and on Instagram @chillzfrozenyogurt.