“If you see me running, you better run too because something is chasing me.” 

While that may be the mentality of a lot of people, what if you ran for a different cause? Searcy is home to a plethora of runs for good causes—from clean water for communities in Uganda and necessities for prisoners, to legacy runs for past Harding students. Lace-up your running shoes and get training for Searcy’s six fall races. Click run names for more information!

Kibo Run to the Well — September 28

Kibo, a non-profit well known in Searcy for its coffee shop Midnight Oil, hosts Kibo Run to the Well to raise money and awareness for the water crisis in Uganda. Run to the Well features a 5k, a 1-mile fun run, and a jerrycan challenge. What’s a jerrycan challenge, you say? Teams of five will race to carry a 20-liter jerrycan of water over the finish line first. The jerrycan challenge is not for the faint of heart or those who don’t know four other people who are in shape, but it is for those who want to understand and help the plight of people without easy access to water.

Funnel Cake 5K at Get Down Downtown — September 28

Looking for something a little lighter to put some pep in your step? This year for the first time ever, Get Down Downtown is hosting a run where the prize is a sugar high; a free funnel cake. Finishing the 1-mile Cotton Candy Classic fun run earns runners free cotton candy.

Micah Rine Wildcat Legacy 5k — October 12

This event serves to remember Harding student and athlete Micah Rine and to promote health and wellness in Searcy, something Micah was passionate about. The entree fee benefits the Micah Rine Wellness Room and Scholarships at Harding Academy. The runs take participants through Searcy’s jogging trails and Micah’s favorite places on campus, reminding them to appreciate the beauty of central Arkansas.

Bison 3k G.L.O.W. Run — October 19

Harding University’s HEAL and Kinesiology club invite you to the lawn in front of the Ganus Activities Complex for a night of running and glowing fun. In addition to the 3k race, the G.L.O.W. (Go Light Our World) event features neon clothing competitions, a black light photo booth, and prizes from Searcy businesses. 20% of proceeds go to the McPherson State Prison Ministry for Christmas items. 

The Well Done Run 5k — November 2

Who doesn’t love a good pun run, especially when it’s for a good cause? Fellowship Bible Church and Living Water International invite you to show the love of God by raising money for wells in dry areas. Clean water means the difference between life and death for millions around the world due to dehydration, water-related illnesses, and parasites. This run helps achieve the goal of clean water around the world.

Breakaway 10k — November 9

The longest race in Searcy’s fall line up, the Breakaway 10k is the only race included in the Arkansas Grand Prix Series. Avid runners from all over the state will come to Searcy to participate in a race that gets them one step closer to finishing the 21 race event spanning the entire year. Participants who finish the Breakaway 10k are rewarded with coffee from Savor & Sip and scones from Wild Sweet Williams Bakery!

There you have it! Six local races to spice up your fall workout routine—all with unique courses, causes, and prizes. Nothing is stopping you, get out there and run!