Courtesy of The Bison

SEARCY, Ark. – When Sophomore Everett Kirkman looked around at the state of the world on Saturday, March 28, she decided there needed to be something to keep everyone’s spirits up; thus quarantine spirit week was born and held from March 29 to April 3.

Kirkman wanted to spread some positivity and thought a spirit week was the perfect way to bring a little joy into people’s lives. She said she was inspired by high school spirit weeks, for which she had always loved to go all out in silly costumes. Quarantine spirit week was her way to find joy during a time of uncertainty.

Quarantine spirit week consisted of a unique theme for each day: skater Sunday, monochromatic Monday, tie-dye Tuesday, wig Wednesday, 13 going on Thursday and casual Friday.

When Kirkman first had the idea, she posted about it in her social club Facebook group and on her Instagram story, in case a few close friends wanted to join. She said she had no idea the success it would be by the end of the week.

Sophomore Sierra White said she first heard about spirit week from Kirkman’s Instagram story and thought it might be fun to add something different to her everyday routine.

“It [had] definitely given me something to look forward to every day, just to know that I have a reason to sort of dress up,” White said. “Spirit week definitely added some flavor to this otherwise kind of boring lockdown that we have going on.”

Kirkman said she has been able to see a different side of social media during this time. She has been able to see a fruitful side that brings light.

“Lately, I feel like social media has been oversaturated with people complaining, or distasteful jokes or comments, or discouraging news updates that never seem to slow down,” Kirkman said. “I’ve felt encouraged by the positivity and light I’ve been able to see in my own circles.”

As people liked and shared each other’s posts, quarantine spirit week not only allowed people to be silly and have fun, but it also brought people together post by post.

Skater Sunday intrigued junior Brian Hicks, and he said it was fun to have a reason to be lighthearted and take pictures with friends and family.

“It is fun to be creative, and everyone should do stuff like this,” Hicks said. “It’s fun to be silly and have fun. It also will help us remember that we can have fun in weird times.”

Sophomore Ellie Shelton also participated from day one and said she admired Kirkman for bringing good and making the best of non-ideal circumstances.

“I love waking up and watching the fashion show of creative outfits everyone came up with on Everett’s Instagram story,” Shelton said. “I loved the themes and the idea of the Harding community doing something together even though we can’t all be together right now.”

During this quarantine process, Kirkman said she hoped the week would instill purpose into people’s days. The idea brought her joy, and she hoped she shared that.