SEARCY, Ark. –Most of us are creatures of habit. But, even the most strident and stubborn of us occasionally like to give in and give something new a try. When those days arise, there are numerous places around Searcy to turn to. So, whether you’re looking for the odd, unique, or BIG, here are a few menu items around town everyone should give a try.

Delite Jars

The Cookie Basket — 106 East Market Street, Searcy, AR

There’s a reason the Cookie Basket is called your “downtown delight;” it’s amazing options like the crazy Delite Jars! We can’t promise you will finish the whole thing, but that is all the more reason to bring a friend to share.

A glass mason-jar filled to the brim with creamy ice cream, then mounded high to nearly overflowing with ‘over-the-top’ goodies. With flavor-creations like birthday jar, brownie bliss, cookie dough, and rice crispy treat, it’s no wonder Arkansans have been driving from hours away to get a chance to tackle these cold creations. And with new concoctions being created all the time, there’s plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

See if you can tackle one! The Cookie Basket is located at 106 East Market Street in famous downtown Searcy. Discover all the flavors available by following their Facebook page.

Photo by: Ashel Parsons

Doughnut Burger Sliders and Smashburgers

Chit, Chat & Chew Café — 110 West Race Avenue

There are classic burgers. Then there are the oddly wild and wonderful smash burgers of Chit, Chat & Chew Café (aka C4).

This local restaurant – owned and operated by a couple of California transplants – is known for their killer breakfasts that include pancakes bigger than your face. But, if you want the full C4 experience, you need to push the envelope and try the Doughnut Burger Sliders and the PB&J Burger.

With the first bite you’ll find yourself taking a flavor exploration as you navigate the sweet and savory mashup. It won’t be long before you find yourself with a new addiction.

C4 is located just down the sidewalk from the iconic Rialto Theater at 110 West Race Avenue in downtown Searcy.

Photo by: Phillip Slavin

Wild Sweet Williams Scones

Wild Sweet Williams — 504 S Main St, Searcy, AR

It’s become one of the most popular places in town since owners Lisa and Bill Ford opened the doors of Wild Sweet Williams in 2016. It’s makes the list because while they do a lot of things really well, they’re namesake alone is worth the visit; scones.

Seriously, do you think you would find an amazing scone in Central Arkansas? These are worth traveling for…and people do. A little FYI; you better arrive early because they sell out often and the line can get long—that just shows you how good it is.

These are hand-kneaded with love and passion and come in a bounty of flavorful options. We suggest starting with the classic Wild Sweet Williams. Then take a shot on the blueberry, lavender white, strawberry white, cheddar bacon, apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, blackberry earl grey, and other flavors. With new flavors to try every week, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

Head to 304b South Main Street and look for the beautiful mural on the side of the building!

Photo by: Ashel Parsons

Doritos Nachos

Mi Pueblito — 1512 E Race Ave, Searcy, AR

Get loco with the Doritos Nachos at Mi Pueblito. Who doesn’t like to lick their orange finger tips after smashing Doritos into your face? Well, this Mexican plate takes this favorite snack to a whole ’nother level. Honestly, what can go wrong here? Doritos, fresh meat and veggies and (of course) cheese sauce. I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it. You can find this, and some other creative takes on Mexican classics at “Mi Pueb” at 1512 East Race Avenue.

Photo courtesy: Mi Pueblito

Soda Jerk Sodas

Soda Jerk — 119 E Center Ave, Searcy, AR

The Soda Jerk at 129 East Center Avenue has over a bazillion custom soda options. Create your own concoctions or ask what the locals love.

This throwback ice cream and soda shoppe is a bright and happy stop. Yes, the Loblolly ice cream is made just down the road in Little Rock, and many come time and again for the distinctly wonderful cold treats. But, it’s absolutely worth a trip specifically to tinker in soda bliss and create your own bubbly creations.

Pick one from the menu or make your own soda creation at Soda Jerk

Photo courtesy: Soda Jerk